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Welcome to Haglof Company Group
Method for Pile Control Measurement

For economic value flows in lumber industry, it is crucial to always know the size of your inventory. With a new, built-in function and a series of simple measuring operations, advanced pile control measuring can be made directly in the Haglöf Sweden® L5 Laser instrument. The new control function L5 Laser instruments are available to order for deliveries to start this fall, and with all functions based on specifications from professional independent control organizations and institutes.

New Harvester Calibration Standard

Get Ready for the New Harvester Calibration Standard with DP II

150x100_DPIIHarvester calibration is a dominating user application area for computer calipers. Well-documented and traceable calibration protocols are mandatory on many timber producing markets, and calibration processes are becoming more and more standardized. Caliper manufacturer Haglöf Sweden's computer caliper-based calibration system, the Skalman®, holds a leading position on the world-market. With the fresh introduction of Haglöf's new DP II caliper, along with unique accessories tailored for individual harvester machine brands, the Skalman® system has taken one step further for improved efficiency and user friendliness, and in full compliance with the latest standard demands.

Archer Field PC® Has Reached End of Life

Archer Field PC® Has Reached End of Life

ArcherEndOfLifeJuniper Systems informed us that they have sold all of the remaining Archer Field PC, which means that this product is no longer available. We will continue to service the Archer Field PC for three to five more years and longer, if possible, depending on the future availability of vendor parts and other factors.

The new Archer 2™ has taken the Archer Field PC's place, and offers every ounce of ruggedness and reliability as the original, plus several major improvements:

IllumiView™ display - unparalleled brightness and clarity, even in glaring sunlight

Overtime Technology™ battery - runs 20+ hours on one charge

New capacitive touchscreen - ultra scratch-resistant and highly responsive

Advanced GNSS receiver - enhanced GPS performance in challenging terrain

To place an Archer 2 order, please contact us online or via phone at +46 620 255 80.

Allegro DOS & CE/DOS Models Nearing End of Service Life

AlegroMXWe have continued to service the Allegro DOS & CE/DOS models for as long as possible, but due to the dwindling availability of parts and other factors, we will be unable to service these handhelds after March 1, 2014.

Customers who have relied on these Allegro models should consider upgrading to the Allegro MX.

To place an Allegro MX order, please contact us online or via phone at +46 620 255 80.

VL402 and L402 end of life!

End of life for VL402 and L402!


We are replacing the VL402 and the L402 with the new VL5 and L5 instruments!

We proudly present our brand new, super efficient measuring instrument solutions the VL5 and the L5! These modern precision instruments are field adjusted, have reinforced housing, can measure very short and very long distances and have rechargeable battery and storing and processing capacity!

NEW VL5 and L5



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