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Power lines need to be mainained and controlled on a regular basis to ensure reliable and secure delivery of electricity to the consumer. Apart from keeping the area clear from large and high trees and other vegetation, the line's height and delta height need to be monitored. The Delta Height can be measured with a useful function included in the VL5 and L5 instruments.

The measures for Delta Heights can vary depending on ambient temperature, which is why a measuring result can differ from day to day. The Delta Height measure is also important when evaluating electro-magnetic fields surrounding power lines.

The Delta Height equals the distance between a theoretical line located in between the nodes where the power line is fixed to the pole, and the lowest point on the line between two poles. Not all companies that own and/or manage power line perform regular Delta Height measurement operations, since it can be a challenging operation that incorpates several people and instruments. With the Haglöf Sweden's VL5 and L5 instruments, Delta Height measurement is included as a standard function.

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