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DP DME add-on for the DP Calipers to measure distance in a sample plot with our reliable ultrasound technique.

DP DME DPII550x840

The DP DME - Ultrasound Distance Measurer accessory

The DP DME distance measurer is a unique instrument accessory for the DP II Computer Caliper and Digitech Professional. The DP DME works with ultrasound signals to determine distances, and is used to measure radius in sample plots and to quickly determine if a tree is standing within or outside the sample plot limits. A complete DP DME system consists from the DP DME measuring instrument accessory, a transponder T3, and a monopod staff with adapter. 

 DPDME DPII550x840

From the center of the tree to the center of the plot

DPDME DPII 2 550x840

The DP DME measures from the center of the tree to the plot center where the transponder T3 is placed at the custom monopod staff. All functions are software run and operated.


pdf DP DME Product sheet (1.15 MB)

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