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Marktax is a practical marking system with greater environmental concern


Marktax Marking System

With numerous interchangeable parts and refillable cartridges, the Marktax system is the right choice when you care about both economic and environmental aspects in your forest work.


Quick, easy and environmentally safe


The unique design of the Marktax system leaves the air free from toxic paint waste that is damaging to people as well as to electronic instruments and equipment.


The Marktax system includes interchangeable parts with sponges, marking head, holders for caliper or hand holders and paint cartridges in boxes of 10 in four different bright and durable colours.


Measure and mark in one moment


The Marktax is especially efficient when assembled directly on a Haglöf Sweden caliper. Measure the diameter and mark the tree in one moment.

pdf Marking and Controlling Product sheet (1.10 MB)

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