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Use the DP GPS module to navigate and position in the field and directly with your DP computer caliper.

DP GPS DPII550x840

 DP GPS - Global Positioning System

The DP GPS module and corresponding software application will enable you to position and navigate with your computer caliper, at the same time as you perform your regular fieldwork. When assembled on the DP terminal com-port you will hardly notice this GPS module that is controlled through the DP caliper, operated with and by the caliper battery and that stores data in its memory. 

The DP GPS has a 33 channel receiver and supports several different satellite systems such as GPS (US), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (EU) and GZSS (Japan). The DP GPS also supports correction using SBAS: WAAS (American), EGNOS (European) and MSAS (Japanese) which will improve positioning in difficult terrain. The accuracy reaches up to 2.5 m in open terrain, and algorithms predict satellite positions for up to 3 days using data from the latest configurations for up to a month in the DP GPS.


Position the center of the plot

DP GPS Plott 550x840



Depending on which application you are using in your DP computer caliper, there are different possibilities for your fieldwork. Position sample plots and/or stock points, set coordinates for positions with special nature concern and for individual trees. Set location for timber stacks alongside roads and improve your overall logistics, or make a track log of stock borders or the entire estate with your caliper and have it calculate the area. Or - why not preload data to your caliper and navigate with the DP II and DP GPS to special areas or individual trees.Versatility is great and possibilities are many!


pdf DP GPS Product sheet (655 KB)



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