Height, Distance & Inclination
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Use the EC II-R with factor gauge to measure inclination and heights. The EC II-R includes functions to calculate basal area and volume!


EC II-R Electronic Clinometer and Factor Gauge 

The EC II-R is a small-size, multi-function instrument that you can use to get a quick estimate of your stand volume. The EC II-R offers adjustable factors and great accuracy for your height measurements.

To use, simply measure the height and count number of stems with the gauge. The basal area and a volume estimate of the stand is presented to you in the instrument display.


Measure the height


Count number of stems on the plot


The EC II-R calculates and presents the basal area and volume


pdf Electronic Clinometers Product sheet (1.28 MB)




Size 20x63x44 mm/0.8x2.5x1.7"
Weight 70g including battery
Display LCD
Battery 1ea AA, 1.5 voltage
Consumption 30mW
Angle %/deg, -55° to +85°
Accuracy +-0.2°
Resolution angle 0.1°
Height 999 m/ft
Resolution height 0.1m/ft <100 m/ft >100 m/ft
Factor chain 600 mm/24"
Factors BAF: 0.5, 1, 2, 4 m2/ha or 5, 10, 20, 40 ft2/acre. Adjustable form factors: 0.10...0.95, default 0.45
Volume Form Upper height x form factor x basal area

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