Height, Distance & Inclination
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Leading instrument system-combo for your most efficient height, distance and inclination measuring. Great accuracy in all surroundings!

VL5 550x840

Vertex Laser - VL 5

Extended range measurement and reach with ultrasound and laser combination
Work with situation based measurement method with great accuracy and ease
Safe and secure operation with extra rugged instrument case in bright orange color
Efficiency increase with internal storing and data processing capacity
In-built functions for BAF, hazard trees, tree limit and delta height
Bluetooth® and IR communication to external devices




The VL5 Vertex Laser allows you to select measurement method depending on the actual location and situation.




Extended range laser technology- ideal for long distances up to 700 meters/yards. Above image shows instrument mounted on camera-type staff for stability in long-distance aiming. Distance Measuring



For shorter ranges, and in particular for circular plot inventory and when working in dense terrain, use the proven and reliable Vertex ultrasound method. Sample Plots with Ultrasound





Height measuring method can be selected depending on your current location, surrounding and situation. Tree Heights


The VL5 presents angle in degrees, grads and percentage in terrain slopes. Angle and Inclination The cameratype monopod with foot-bracket is an accessory for the Postex Laser, the VL5 and the L5 instruments.


Height measuring methods




Two-points with laser




Two-points with reference point


Two-points with ultrasound



Plot radius


Always work with the correct plot radius in your sample plots. The VL5 ultrasound distance measurement method is the best choice for this. Sample Plots with Ultrasound


BAF - Basal area factors

Poor sighting in prism cruisings can prevent a correct diameter measuring in the plot. With the VL5 built-in BAF function, the minimum tree diameter for trees to be included in the plot is featured. Basal Area (BAF)


Power line measuring work

The VL5 Vertex Laser is a great choice to perform utility work and controls along power lines. Line sags, borderline trees, heights, angles and distance can be measured and controlled with built-in functions in the VL5. Controlling Hazard Trees

Hazard Trees Function

To identify and measure hazard trees along power lines, building sites, houses, roads and railways, use the built-in tree limit function in the VL5.

Delta Height Function

The VL5 includes a function called Delta Height, designed to measure line sag.


Filter function

A built-in laser filter allows for flexible measuring. You can choose to measure the closest object, the farthest object or the object that emits the strongest reflection.


Internal storing and data processing capacity

With storing capacity of 2000 data sets, the VL5 is great for plot survey work. Calculate the mean height for a stand and have the results presented to you directly.



The VL5 communicates by IR and Bluetooth with external devices. Measured values can be transferred to Haglöf Sweden's computer caliper the DP II or Digitech Professional, or to other handheld units with dataformat NMEA or ASCII.


Custom programming

Haglöf Sweden professional instrument VL5 and L5 have data processing capacity. Ask us for details on customized instrument models!


pdf VL5 Product sheet (1.87 MB)


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