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L5 Custom Pile offers a quick, easy and safe way to measure timber piles and wood chip heaps.

L5 Custom - Pile measurement with laser

The L5 Custom offers great distance measurement range from 46 cm to 700 m with accuracy results.
The instrument has a rugged casing in bright blue color.
With quality optics and filter function, internal storing and data processing capacity:
this is an excellent instrument choice for control work along power lines and utility industry!
L5 Custom also offers Bluetooth® and IR communication and has built-in Li-Ion battery with long-lasting capacity.
L5 Custom Pile- built-in functionality for measurement on timber industries, on lumberyards, at landing sites.


Timber Pile Control


One or Two-point distance measurement


Wood Chip Heaps 


Volume is displayed with section number, number of heights, arithmetic mean height for the section and section volume. 


 One point distance - measure the distance to a point. Also horizontal distance. Two-point distance - Aim at two points straight in front of you to measure the distance between these points.

  Measure wood chip pile length side by side and one or more heights (maximum number of heights is 28 for each side). Height measurements are made using a 2-point method from base to top along the pile side 






Laser technology is ideal to measure long distances, up to 700 meters/yards! Image shows instrument mounted on camera-type staff (accessory). Distance Measuring  

Different height measurement methods can be selected depending on the environment or needs.

  • One point height
  • Three point
  • Two point with laser
  • Two point with reference point
  • Two point with fixed distance Tree Heights
  Measure inclination in the terrain. The L5 instrument presents the angle in degrees, grads and percentage. The camera-type monopod with foot-bracket is an accessory that can be used with the Postex, the VL5 and the L5 when a steadier aim is required. Angle and Inclination


Height measuring methods


One point height


Two point with laser


Three point


Two point with reference point


Laser Filter

A laser filter allows for flexible measuring, where you can select to measure the closest object, the farthest object or the object with strongest reflection.


Memory storing

62 log piles /wood chip piles inventories. Maximum 8 sections and 57 heights per log pile. Maximum 4 sides and 28 heights per side per wood chip pile.



IR or Bluetooth can be used to transfer values to the DP II Computer Caliper, a PC or other handheld units with dataformat NMEA or ASCII formate.


Custom programmed

Contact us for details and possibilities to customize the L5 Laser to fit your organizations' measurement requirements!


pdf L5 Custom Product Sheet (1.72 MB)

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