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Haglöf Sweden is the world's largest producer of increment borers. Our increment borers come in a great variety of models, lengths, core diameters and sizes.

Haglöf Sweden increment borers are well-known worldwide and the largest borer brand. Haglöf borers have blue handles in grip friendly plastic material and a metallic lock. The borer bits are made from hardened steel with PTFE coating for protection and reduced friction. The extractors are produced in stainless steel with metallic head and special design for easy core extraction of the wood core.


Increment Borers by Haglöf Sweden®


 The increment borer is a classic instrument for fast and reliable results when evaluating age, increment and soundness of trees. Increment borers are also used for decay check-up, pollution control, wood density, chemical penetration control etc. Why Monitor Trees?

 Haglöf increment borers are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, models, variants and core diameters for all types of wood and trees. Haglöf borers are produced with high quality steel with PTFE one-coat on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and to reduce friction.

The solid Haglöf borer bit with a barrel shaped tip ensures an easy start and removal from the tree. The extractor is made with stainless steel and metal knobs. The many options of sizes and models of our Haglöf Sweden increment borers guarantee the exact right borer for each specific application.

Haglöf Sweden produces the world’s largest assortment of increment borer brands, models and sizes. Haglöf Sweden increment borers have blue handles in grip friendly plastic material and a metallic lock. The borer bits are made from hardened steel with PTFE coating for protection and reduced friction. The extractors are produced in stainless steel with metallic head and special teeth for easier core extraction of the wood core.




Haglöf increment borers are 2- or 3 threaded.

2-threaded borers are recommended when drilling in hardwood, with a slower penetration in the wood and less friction and stress onto the material.

3-threaded borers will penetrate the wood faster and is suitable for most types of wood.


Core diameters


core core core core
4,3 mm/0.169" 5,15 mm/0.20" 10 mm/0.39" 12 mm/0.48"




Lengths are available from 100 mm/ 4" up to 1000 mm/39". Other custom lengths can be offered, ask us for details.

pdf Haglöf Increment Borers Product sheet (748 KB)


Increment borers have a long history dating back to The World Expo in Paris 1889. The German inventor’s last name Pressler is sometimes still used as a synonymous word to increment borer. Other names are Mora borer, tree borer or Haglöf borer.

The continued history for Pressler’s invention goes in different directions. One story tells that the skilled craftsman Anders Mattson from Mora, Sweden, visited the exhibition in Paris and noticed the primitive Pressler increment borer on display. Mattson bought the instrument at a cheap price with the intentions of transforming it to an instrument that could be used in and by an upcoming forestry industry. Another story tells that Mattson in Mora was contacted by toolmaker Anders Nilsson, who allegedly asked Mattson to manufacture an increment borer. Facts support both stories: at the historic forestry museum of Siljansfors Mora, Dalecarlia, Sweden, an antique borer marked A. Nilsson, Mora is displayed along with another, as old borer, marked And. Mattson. Both borers are produced in the 1890ies.

Anders Mattson owned the company Mattsons Mekaniska Verkstads AB together with his brothers. One of the brothers, Jannes Mattson, started his own company called Beus & Mattson, in 1895. Beus & Mattson started a manufacturing of increment borers named of Djos.

August Haglöf was an employee at Anders Mattson. Haglöf refined the borer and after his death in 1936, August’s sons, Anders and Erik, took over where he left off. Later on, the Haglöf brothers quit their employments at Mattson AB and started Haglöfs Mek. Verkstad i Mora AB.

The skillful and experienced craftsmen in Mora had all recognized the difficulties in manufacturing increment borers. The composition seems simple, but implies a complex manufacturing process and high level of material and manufacturing know-how.

In 1968, Beus o Mattson had changed their name to Djos and the borer production moved to Finland. The Djos borers were produced and marketed under the name Suunto. Some of the production equipment and the brand Djos was accredited to Haglöfs Mekaniska. In the early 1970ies, Ingvar Haglöf took over his family business and the increment borer production and moved it to the northern parts of Sweden. The Haglöf borer brands picked up market shares and in 1981, the American daughter office Haglof Inc opened up in Mississippi, USA. Haglöf increment borers would soon become the leading brand in North America. For more information on Swedish forestry history, see for example

In 1937, A. E. Douglass, the scientific father of modern dendrochronology, founded the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research in Arizona, USA. The Tree-Ring Lab is today acknowledged as the most important research centre for tree core and tree ring research in the world. One of the most important tools for a dendrochronologist is the increment borer.

Around 150 scientists and researchers are active at the Tree Ring Laboratory at the University of Arizona, and the laboratory is visited by more than 2000 professionals in the field from all over the world. Ingvar Haglöf, former CEO and founder of Haglöf Sweden, was in 2013 honored with a unique gift from the Tree Ring Lab: a section from a 3500 year old Bristle Cone-pine with the annual rings clearly visible. Haglöf Sweden had in turn the pleasure of presenting a custom made board to the Tree Ring Lab at the inauguration of their brand new laboratory building. The board contained some of the ancient industrial history concerning increment borers, as well as some antique borers

Why choose Haglöf Borers?

  • Experience & know-how
  • Own production facilities
  • Large product assortment
  • Large stock for quick deliveries
  • Quick problem solving
  • Constant improvement and product development


In 1992, Haglöf Sweden purchased the original And. Mattson borer brand, along with a borer stock and production machinery. Instead of closing down this traditional precision instrument, we decided to continue and develop the production. The Mattson borers maintain their brand specifics and are available in assorted lengths and dimensions. Mattson borer have a non-coated polished steel finish and brass details on handle and extractor. If you are looking for small core diameter borer, Mattson borer no 10-200-1001 is available with 200 mm length and 3.5mm core diameter. The classic Mattson borer ”no 905” (10-200-1011) is a best seller designed to withstand tough hardwood.


pdf Mattson Borers Product sheet (402 KB)


In 2010, the classic Djor borer brand was incorporated to the Haglöf Sweden increment borer manufacturing. The Djos borer handles are orange and the borer bit has a special back-threading, preferred by many operators when backing out of the tree.

Djos borers are manufactured in selected lengths and as 3-threaded borers. See separate leaflet for details on the Djos borers.


pdf Djos Borers Product sheet (277 KB)

Download Users instructions and Warranty Statement.

pdf instructions and Warranty Statement Increment Borers (110 KB)

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