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HMS is a management system solution designed for versatile use - and made to grow. One program gives access to different functions and suites. The suites contain modules for calculation and data management. HMS allow for data exchange between different installed suites and modules.


Collaborative workspace
Easy to use
All applications, one user interface
Microsoft SQL database
Exchange data between applications
Exchange data with external field equipment



One interface for all applications makes it easy for you to get started. Adjust the menu with often used functions and streamline your workflow!


All applications in HMS are linked with each other. Data is connected and exchanged between applications. All calculation functions are identical independent of application currently used.


Haglof Management System works with Microsoft® SQL server database, your local or a common network server. Everyone in your office can work with one SQL database for data exchange. If necessary, you can create your own database.


A USB memory stick is your key to HMS. Install HMS on as many computers you wish and simply plug in the USB stick when you wish to work in the program. HMS can also be provided as a network license for multiple concurrent users.


HMS has standard suites and application specific suites and modules.


The communication suite is HMS' heart. All communication with field equipment such as the DP II and Digitech Professional is made here. Other suites use the Communication Suite to connect with external equipment.

The Communication Suite includes an application module called the Versio BuilderVersio Builder is an application interface that allows you to create custom data collecting software for download to your DP II and Digitech Professional Computer. To compile and run your software, you need to install Versio DP on your Digitech computer. Data from Versio DP will be transferred to your PC as a tab separated text file or an XML file. Files can be opened and read in Windows Excel or Word.


  • Communicate with Haglöf Sweden computer calipers DP II and Digitech® Professional
  • Always work with the latest program version for your caliper
  • Keep track of your license keys
  • Keep user guides at convenient reach in the program
  • Stay updated at all times and get information and test versions on new software
  • Export data to pdf, XML or Excel file or print data from caliper
  • Use Versio Builder to write custom data collecting software for DP II and Digitech® Professional and Versio DP


The Administration suite handles system settings including databases and licenses.

  • License manager
    • The licensing part handles the different modules in HMS that require licenses. To run, install the USB stick with license codes on your PC. The USB stick is included with the first licensed module.
    • To purchase more modules, simply register in License handling. When ordering, you will receive a license code to unlock new modules.
    • HMS can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. The USB stick license needs to be installed on the computer you are currently running. The USB stick is convenient if you for some reason lose your PC. HMS can immediately be installed on any other PC.
  • Manage your database connection
    • HMS works with a Microsoft® SQL database, preferably the SQL server express from Microsoft (freeware, can be downloaded and used free of charge.)
    • Independant companies (working databases) can be created in HMS. Data is saved and calculated in the databases. Certain data can be imported and re-used from existing companies. The first time HMS is started, an administration database is created, to keep track of the different companies created in HMS.


  • Create your personalized menu with shortcuts to functions often used in the Shortcut Suite.




TCruise is the market leading cruising software in North America. Together with HMS Haglof Management System, you can work with one complete forest system in the Timber Cruise Suite. The Timber Cruise Suite (TCruise) is the most tested and approved, robust, complete and comprehensive forest analysis system available. Collect inventory data to your own specifications. Calculate volumes using powerful profile equations or a wide range of traditional volume equations or tables. Perform detailed statistical and financial analyses. Produce professional looking reports customized with your company logo and contact information. Manage all of your spatial data in a convenient desktop geographic information system. Store and manage all of your forest information in one powerful SQL database. TCruise is the most complete and complex system available, under constant development and growing organically with thousands of operators worldwide. The Log Scale Suite for HMS Haglof Management System is a versatile and comprehensive log scaling and log inventory management system to create and manage contracts, price lists, tickets and loads as well as scale logs and manage log inventories. Calculate volumes using a wide range of volume equations and tables including Doyle, Scribner, International and the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) commonly used in the export industry. 

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The Versio Builder module is included in the Communication Suite. Versio Builder is an application interface that allows you to create your own custom data collection system for DP II and Digitech Professional Calipers. To compile and run your software, use Versio DP software on your caliper. Data from Versio DP software will be transferred to a PC as a tab separated text file or an XML file. These files can be opened and read or viewed in Microsoft Word or Excel.

The Timber Cruise Suite includes a map module that is fully integrated with your forest inventory system. 

Draw and import maps and link with properties, tracts, stands, plots and more. Plots can be map generated already in the planning phase, and exported to diffrent field equipment devices to support GPS navigation in the field.  Plot summary data can be displayed on your map and analyzed spatially.  sur cette page

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Custom adapted suites for special applications can be developed in HMS. With your custom made tools, data capture and processing work is seamless, with improved accuracy and increased efficiency for your organization as instant results.

One example of custom adapted suite is thinning follow-up based on your organization's standards. Data is run against a central Microsoft® SQL database. Field collection is performed with a computer caliper and your custom thinning program. Data is imported with the Communication suite and stored in the database. The powerful HMS report tool creates valid reports from your captured, calculated and stored data, and the follow-up work is neatly and quickly presented to you with minimal error sources.

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