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Date added: 16/08/2018 02:00:00
Last modified on: 16/08/2018 11:13:27
Version: 1.0.11

MD II Com is a file handling program from Haglöf Sweden® offers another option with extended processing and reporting of your field measurement data from MD II Caliper.

Name of tree species, cruising method and data interpretation from MD II are defined in MD II Com. Field data can be added to an object, and the program enables both complete cruising and sample plot survey. Data can be exported to Excel as a tab-separated txt-file or printed out as a list of trees in 2- or 4-cm classes with appurtentant sample trees and plot sample data. 

  • Version 1.0.11: New list of trees in 1 cm classes with appurtentant sample trees and plot sample data.

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