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January 2015: The Vertex Laser - VL5 and Laser - L5 instruments include a number of super-functional features for the professional operator.

Great versatility and capacities to adapt to different work fields, easy-to-operate and reliable measurement results are why these instruments have gained more and more market shares. The VL5 and L5 instruments are rugged with reinforced housing - now in clear, high-visible colors - and sealed electronics. Energy saving rechargeable battery, extended measuring range, customization options, storing and processing capacity and many useful standard functions are designed to increase versatility and add value to your investment. Forest cruisers, utility workers, controllers of power lines and poles, log scalers, mining engineers, road builders and plant constructors - contact us for discussions on how these instruments can be used to improve your measuring work! 



Replaced with

VL400-402, L400-402

New colors, added functions!


Vertex Laser - VL5 

Laser - L5!

150x100 VertexLaser

VL5 300x169 L5 300x169




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