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New caliper model from Haglöf Sweden: the MD II Bluetooth® Caliper

March, 2015: Haglöf Sweden releases the new MD II caliper - designed for seamless communication with Bluetooth and communicating with your SmartPhone or tablet!

The MD II fills the gap between mechanical calipers or diameter tapes and complex solutions such as programmable computer calipers.

With the MD II, field data on tree diameters, tree species and heights that have been input from hypsometers Vertex IV or VL5 with IR, are transferred to PC, handheld computers, mobile phones and tablets. The communication is made with USB cable and the MD II Com program or with Bluetooth® and the custom app for Android smartphone and tablets. A large internal memory in the MD II can also secure data on thousands of trees, conveniently and efficiently collected with the completely field adapted and easy-to-operate caliper.



The MD II caliper is well-balanced, weighs around 900g/36oz, built rugged with a five-button keypad, a backlit display and the powerful computer terminal housing in shock-proof, orange heavy-duty material. The durable aluminum non-reflective measuring scale is available in many graduation and length options with non-wear print and foldable jaws over the counter this. The MD II caliper can handle up to 25 different tree species and has user adjustable settings.

Haglöf Sweden® manufactures a full range of precision measurement solutions used by industry professionals all over the world. The products combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, tough exteriors with smart interiors. Apart from the world’s largest selection of increment borer models for wood control, Haglöf Sweden offers different diameter caliper models, hypsometers, rangefinders and other instruments and tools for forest survey, management, testing and control work. Patented technology and long manufacturing know-how are keys to why Haglöf Sweden® is one of the most respected brand names in the business. All products are developed and manufactured in limited and quality assured series by highly experienced production teams. In 2013, Haglöf Sweden celebrated 70 years in the instrument manufacturing business.

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